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I live in Washington, D.C. with my hubby and son -- although, after a recent visit home to Oregon, realized how deeply our hearts are still there. Oregon is just amazingly beautiful and people are just so gosh darn friendly. I can't tell you how much I miss that last one.

So as you are probably figuring out, I'm a recent transplant to D.C. (and by recent I mean less than three years which is a large portion of DC'ers). People move in and out of here a lot. It's transient. This should make me not-so-recent by D.C. standards but to the rest of America, its recent. Hubby has been here for 10 years.

Hubby works a lot and very hard. I stay home and take care of him, our boy and everything else...

Oh yes. And I craft.

I always wondered, "if I didn't have to work what would I do?" Well I got the opportunity to try that out and I discovered I would sew. I would sew a lot and make all kinds of things. My hands are happy when they are busy creating stuff...cute stuff.

Since I was a kid I loved cooking (my first true passion) and making stuff but a handful of years have gone by since I've really got to relish in it and let the sewing passion blossom. So here I am cooking, sewing, and creating cute stuff.